Meeting Minutes from Friday, January 27th

Below you will find notes from the meeting that was held on January 27th. The meeting was held at The Arts Fund, which had a maximum capacity of 20 people. Because of this we were not able to invite all off the people who have an interest in the discussion. However, we want the entire discussion to be public and transparent, so we are posting the notes from this meeting and any future meetings on this site. This should allow all parties to take part in the discussion by posting comments and replies below. If you have anything you would like to add to any specific section of the notes below, please tell us who you are and what business or property in the Funk Zone that you represent, then make note of the relevant section and be as concise as possible.


Funk Zone Neighborhood Arts Meeting #2

Friday, January 27, 2012; 9 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

The Arts Fund, 205C Santa Barbara Street

Meeting Chair: Nathan Vonk, Santa Barbara Artists Collaborative
Notes: Nina Dunbar, the Arts Fund

  1. Introductions and Announcements

In attendance:

Mike McColm, Araceli, and Brad Nack – MichaelKate Interiors
Katie Hay and Sherry Villanueva – Central Coast Real Estate
Clay Aurell – AB Design Studio, Inc.
Ann Addis – Metropulos
Alvaro Rojas and Peter Summers – The Pub and The Loft
Annamarie Kostura – The Arts Fund
Dave Potter – Municipal Wine Makers
Nina Dunbar – The Arts Fund
Mark Goerner – Conceptual Designs
Chris Kirkegaard – C. Kirkegaard Framing
Steve Thompson – Cabana Home
Dana Walters and Jason Leggitt – Red’s Bar
Laura Inks – Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative / Funk Zone Mural Project
Clay Bodine – Fishbon
Ginny Brush – Santa Barbara County Arts Commision / Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative
Nathan Vonk – Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative / Santa Barbara Arts Blog / Arts Advisory Committee


      1. American Airlines is featuring an article on The Funk Zone is its March/April 2012 issue
      2. Others interested in marketing the area: Amtrack & Car Free Travel Coalition

  1. Neighborhood Wish List
    1. “Funk Zone” exist sign off 101/Garden Street Exit
    2. Comprehensive parking plan with signage
      1. 75 minute parking signs needed—RVs and construction worker use spaces for extended time periods
      2. Investigate lot behind Municipal Winery for potential parking
      3. Use directional signage to direct visitors to existing public parking lots
    3. Funk Zone website needed—Katie Hay purchased name- possible use for area marketing and organizing(?)
    4. A more formal Business/Merchants Association or Neighborhood Association is desired
    5. Safety issues, especially with transients is a concern for attracting visitors and potential tenants
    6. Install street lighting compatible with and unique to the neighborhood
    7. Consider archways or other gateway statements and Funk Zone entries – design competition for artists?
    8. Utilize the area’s existing artist residents and others who frequent the neighborhood to suggest unique gateways, kiosks, seating, sculpture and other features in a design charrette. The Arts Fund will exhibit design ideas to show the possibilities of what could happen
    9. Encourage temporary public art projects on private and public properties
    10. Confirm role and concerns of Coastal Commission and other jurisdictional bodies overseeing development and signage in the area before ideas developed
    11. Galvanize interested parties to address safety and identity issues before City Council
    12. Include development east of the Funk Zone as part of any planning process
    13. Role models—see Portland’s Pearl District, visit Dallas Arts

  1. Potential for organizing Funk Zone events
    1. Funky Friday?
    2. After 8 p.m. events –okay for some business, but others would prefer a Sunday afternoon
    3. Street closures—would this be possible?
    4. Desire for a block party with food trucks, music, performances and open houses for studios and businesses 12 – 4 p.m.

  1. Resources and Follow-up
    1. Marketing and organizational help without funding?
      1. Use Melissa Moreno & SBCC Scheinfeld Center to make neighborhood marketing plan as part of a class project
      2. UCIR (UCSB) could offer grants and student assistance
      3. Create a BlogSpot for ongoing communication
      4. Look at Coast Village Road Merchants Assoc. as an organizational model.
    2. Is the Funk Zone currently included in the City’s Master Plan? How do we encourage businesses, activities, and growth that is compatible with the neighborhood’s existing blend of creative businesses, boutique retail and food providers, nonprofits, artists live work, etc.?
      1. See Cultural Arts Master Plan for guidelines for neighborhood identity

4 responses to “Meeting Minutes from Friday, January 27th

  1. I think we also mentioned:
    – Name suggestions for the organization. Mine = ‘The Funky Bunch’
    – A mission statement. . . I’d like to suggest that we include something like. ‘An endeavor to create a unique borough in Santa Barbara with enough traction to pull a local and visiting demographic committed to an emphasis on local art, food and entertainment.’

    • Thanks Alvaro. This is a really good start to a Mission Statement. I added a page at the top to start working on this. I’ll put yours on that page and invite others to take a stab at it as well. I’ll bring these to our next meeting. Thanks for our first comment.

  2. Nathan this looks sooo awesome! Please let me know how I can get involved. I’ve been searching for something else I can pour in some volunteer time and energy into. I have so many ideas!


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