Meeting Minutes: February 10, 2012


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Funk Zone Neighborhood Arts Meeting #3

Friday, February 10, 2012. 10 a.m.

25 East Mason Street, 2nd Floor

Meeting Chair: Nathan Vonk, Santa Barbara Artists Collaborative
Meeting Hosts & Presenters: Katie Hay and Sherry Villanueva
Notes: Nina Dunbar, the Arts Fund
Attendance: Approx. 35

  1. Introductions
    1. Attendees introduced themselves
    2. Nathan reviewed major points from the group’s last meeting on January 27 at The Arts Fund.  All notes from that meeting are now posted on the new blog

  1. Katie Hay discussed her office’s work in creating outline for establishing a more formal “Funk Zone Association” and introduced Sherry Villanueva to go over its primary components. Note: A draft of the “Funk Zone Association” was attached to e-mail the announcement for this meeting.
    1. Four focus areas were defined for the association’s work.  Following this meeting, committee sign-up sheets for each of the areas was provided for attendees to join.
      1. Public Advocacy
      2. Marketing & Promotion
      3. Arts Community
      4. Funk Zone Association Membership
      5. Funk Zone Association Management
    2. Other important areas that would need to be addressed included:
      1. Funding – establishing membership dues and/or levels of membership
      2. Structure and Administration – with growth, the organization might want to become a 501(c) 3 (nonprofit) organization and hiring an executive director

  1. Following this overview, comments from attendees addressed a broad range of topics and concerns:
    1. Structure: It was noted that the organization did not need 501(c) 3 status to move forward with its work or apply for grants.
    2. Challenges to the organization and process:
      1. Inclusivity
      2. Geographic definition
      3. Name of the group—many provided input on this with some feeling passionate about keeping “Funk Zone” in the name and others suggesting the branding implications of other names. It was also noted that this area was both a specific geographic region and a way of life and the name should reflect that. The Marketing Committee would take up this subject, but some suggestions included:
        1. Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone
        2. Arts & Urban Wine Trail
      4. The surf community is vital to the identity of the neighborhood
      5. Focus on defining what we are and what we are not:
        1. Not State Street
        2. Deter over gentrification
        3. Preserve and enhance architectural uniqueness with ABR oversight
        4. Create a more welcoming destination with upgraded infrastructure
      6. Role of residents in defining neighborhood identity
      7. Look to case-studies of other cities and arts districts
        1. Be realistic about gentrification
        2. What works in terms of keeping artists in the Funk Zone?

  1. Next Steps
    1. Everyone was invited to sign-up on the committee sheets provided.  Annamarie Kostura offered to type them up.
    2. Participation in the association – topic of membership and dues must be addressed
    3. Confirm name of group

  1. Follow-up comments and ideas at the end of the meeting
    1. Use Funk Zone area artists and local artisan/businesses to design and/or  produce neighborhood enhancements like signage
    2. How can you capture the opinions of stakeholders not at this meeting (i.e. residents and others who either do not know about these meetings or cannot come due to meeting space limitations, etc.)?
      1. Produce a survey of stakeholders; create incentives for completing the survey
    3. Homeless and transient residents are a factor in this area and must be considered.

Sherry asked that specific comments and questions about the association could be e-mailed to her at  To be added to this mailing list and for future meeting updates contact Nathan Vonk


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