Funk Zone Neighborhood Meeting #4

Funk Zone Neighborhood Arts Meeting #4

Friday, March 30, 2012. 10 a.m.

Red’s – 211 Helena Street

Meeting Chair: Nathan Vonk, Santa Barbara Artists Collaborative

Notes: Nina Dunbar, the Arts Fund

Meeting Host: Dana Walters, Red’s Bar

Attendance: Approx. 25

  1. Introductions & Announcements
  • Laura Inks talked about the upcoming demolition of the Californian Hotel this summer and invited those interested in planning activities around this event to contact her.
  • Nina Dunbar announced the Arts Fund’s Façade Facelift project on April 14 from 2-5 p.m. – a free gathering in the organization’s parking lot to imagine change’s to the Arts’ Fund’s façade.  Refreshments and art supplies will be provided.
  • Mark Goerner said that he would be soliciting attendees at the upcoming Lucidity Festival to consider participating in future Funk Zone events.
  1. Nathan Vonk introduced the idea of producing an even in the Funk Zone this fall and went over the main objectives of the event:
  • To highlight the neighborhood’s distinct architecture and eclectic demographic and to encourage preservation of these unique qualities
  • Rally broader community support for this effort
  • Generate awareness and activity for local businesses
  1. Discussion and responses
  • Concern that an event with too many young people might discourage business for higher-end establishments like Cabana Home and Raoul.
  • Consider including a fundraising event for future neighborhood programming and/or the neighborhood association
  • Miki Garcia suggested that the group establish a mission statement.
  • How do we reach and involve others in this project?
  • Katie Hay (Central Coast Real Estate LLC) followed up that work on the Funk Zone Association (focus of the group’s last meeting) was delayed pending getting more input from interested parties other than artists.  She recounted the origins of today’s group as being from a gathering hosted by Mayor Helene Schneider last December.  And while that group was arts focused, the ultimate participation of the Funk Zone Association would be broader.  She acknowledged that identifying and including this population would take more time and a larger meeting space.  As a result, no committee meetings were called after the initial request for sign-ups at the February meeting.
  • Considerable discussion followed on the relationship between a stand-alone event and the evolving roll of the Funk Zone Association.  Nathan asked that the group return to the focus of the meeting which was to identify a date and components of a neighborhood event.
  1. Date and Time – the group agreed to target Saturday, October 6 for the event.  All agreed that there should be a daytime and evening component to capture neighborhood business offerings and activities best suited to those times.
  • Nina Dunbar talked about following up on an earlier suggestion of holding a design charrette during the summer to solicit different ideas on the neighborhood’s evolution into an arts district.  She noted that the Arts Fund gallery was holding September 21 – October 6 open for a public exhibition of the charrette results.  She asked that interested parties talk to her and Clay Bodine after the meeting.
  • Annamaire Kostura offered strategies for marketing the event along with other business initiatives to area hotels.  Saturday day and night was especially good for  marketing because hotels are currently promoting a “stay over another night (Sunday) for weekend visitors facing Sunday traffic going home.
  • Mark Goerner offered to create a community calendar that businesses and organizations could post to.  He also offered to create a survey for groups to complete that would include basic contact info along with special offerings.  Katie Hay suggested that the survey should be sent to the list of businesses she was already compiling.  This list is currently available on
  • Names for the event were discussed, including keeping with the name from a previous event: “Focus on the Funk Zone.”  Another suggestion was “Occupy the Funk Zone.”
  • The ongoing need for a map was mentioned.
  1. Closing Comments: Nathan Vonk concluded by stating that the meeting’s objective of setting a date for a neighborhood event had been reached.  The next meeting date for the group had not been set.  He acknowledged that the ongoing problems for these meetings are space limitations and inclusivity.  Individuals were encouraged to continue to meet and discuss individual projects after the meeting.  Dana Walters/Red’s was thanked for hosting the meeting.
  1. Anyone with questions is encouraged to contact Nathan Vonk at

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