Wall Space Gallery is Moving to the Funk Zone

Parmet - Leap

Come down and see us in our new location in June!

116 East Yanonali Street, C-1, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Wall space gallery is excited to move to Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone.


The Measure of All Things
5 June – 8 July, 2012
Artist Reception: June 7, 6 to 8pm.

The gallery is excited to debut Parmet’s latest ideas and processes. Her deeply layered stories stretch the imagination, exploring moments ranging from wild rides to silent contemplations of the sea. Using a solar plate etching process, these hand-pulled prints are indelibly marked with emotional intrigue. Barbara’s open-ended narrative gives us the opportunity not only to see her vision as a storyteller, but allows us access to our own interior landscapes. These visual characters mirror and resonate with the people in our own lives. They are finding their way. While not specific to place, these images offer spacious possibilities for bearing witness to our own lives and as we look at the lives of others. In many of these open spaces we have the ability to stop, take a breath and look at our surroundings. Parmet’s work uses the desert, the open space, not as anticipated cliché to talk about loss, but instead to talk about freedom. Barbara’s use of the waterfront becomes an opportunity for clear views in unexpected directions. Her constructed images record extraordinary circumstances that are optimistic yet grounded in the way we measure all things.

This exhibition marks the premiere of this series. Celebrate Barbara and her beautiful work at our Artist Reception during Santa Barbara’s downtown Art Walk on June 7th from 6 to 8pm.

About Barbara Parmet –

Barbara Parmet has been combining imagery with a camera for over 30 years. Her affinity for telling a story with pictures was galvanized by her first ten years as a photojournalist. Even after she left the newspaper and magazine world, she continued combining photographs as a way of telling stories that went deeper than the daily news.

 The unifying element of Barbara Parmet’s photographs is the meditative quality each one invokes. Barbara’s images share the quiet tones that allow the eyes to rest and the mind to turn inward. 

Parmet uses any and all technology that suits her purposes. At times she uses a camera obscura with no lens. At other times she uses a 4×5″ Linhof or a 21/4″ Hasselblad. She has printed and painted on gelatin silver and platinum emulsions. Digital scanning and carbon-based inks on watercolor paper have also been employed as tools for arriving at the desired effect. The added solar plate printing technology allows Parmet to combine the best of the digital and analog worlds with stunning results.

About wall space gallery –

Wall Space Gallery first opened in Seattle, Washington in 2005. Our focus is on a new breed of artists expanding the ideas of what photography is as well as what it can be. Our artists are craftsman, using photography as an integral part of their work, but layering emotional stories with techniques and processes that enhance the visual experience. The gallery has gained an international reputation for finding and showcasing new artists and exposing new ideas.

Now in our 7th year, we have expanded our reach to Santa Barbara. In Santa Barbara for the last two years, the gallery has showcased works from our nationally represented artists as well as premiere works from the local photographic community.

For more information about Barbara Parmet, the exhibition Measure of All Things, or wall space gallery, please contact us at 805.637.3898 or via email at gallery@wall-spacegallery.com

Come take a walk on the beach, have a glass of wine along the Urban Wine Trail and finish your day at the gallery looking at the most unique collection of photography in Santa Barbara.


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