Funk Zone Art Crawl Meeting

cmnd-z logoIt’s time to start getting ready for the Focus on the Funk Zone event in two months. Our next organizational meeting is this Friday, 6pm at CMND-Z (an art/design studio in the back of the building that houses Municipal Winemakers). The meeting will be arts-centric with the goal of creating a list of all the participating locations and their offerings on that day. The meeting is completely open to the public, and those of you who have venues that feature art are encouraged to attend. Please pass the word along to anyone, particularly those you think would like to be involved in the organization of the event. If you cannot attend but would like to be involved, please send me an email ( to let me know your thoughts.

Once we have a list of special events for the day, I’ll put together a series of guided tours through the area on the 6th and will be inviting city officials to come and see what makes the area so special, and see what might be possible for the future of the neighborhood.

Funk Zone Art Crawl Meeting
Friday, August 10   6:00 pm
22 Anacapa Street Suite 6,
Santa Barbara, CA  93101


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