The Wine of Art at Latitudes Gallery

LAST CALL for submissions!
WINE BOTTLE as a canvas.
That’s it.
Paint, collage, sculpt, decorate, anything!
Latitudes Gallery
Drop off:
This Wednesday, October 3rd 5-9pm or Thursday 3-6pm
Latitude Gallery 20 Helena Ave. Santa Barbara, Ca 93101
Price accordingly. Latitude Gallery will receive 33% of the sale price.


“The Wine of Art at Latitude Gallery, October 6-28 will exhibit the Funk Zone’s knack for artistic upcycling, concentration of wineries, and community of surfers. Reusing bottles, barrels, and crates as canvases, artists will pay homage to the drink that fuels so many creations. The opening on October 6th from 6-10pm will benefit Project Save Our Surf, an ocean conservation foundation fighting pollution. The evening will entertain with live music and wine, and coincide with Focus on the Funk Zone, an all-day event encouraging exploration of the entire eclectic neighborhood of wineries, galleries, studios and surf shops.”

 I hope you’ll join me for a fun evening of drinking, singing, seeing, barrels, and beautified recycling.

Katie McLean

Project Save Our Surf Ambassador & Roxy Quiksilver Ambassador

The Wine of Art Facebook

Focus on the Funk Zone


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