Bohemia at the Beach!



Jim Mahoney is the mastermind behind Bohemia at the Beach. Mahoney is the man of the Solstice hour in the Funk Zone, bringing together the creative masses in the Funk Zone to celebrate the summer solstice. Not to compete with the festivities up the street, but to remind everyone that you can have a great time at the south end of State street in the zone as well. A great story is in this week’s Independent about Jim and the event.

Here is a list of what I can find so far –

Skater’s Point Music Festival

Fishbon – Theatre of Madness

Lindsey Ross’s La Chambre Photographique will have a Burning Girl event. Contact her for details and times.

Latitude Gallery will have a sidewalk chalk event

Santa Barbara Arts Fund will have Bohemian Kids.

Reds will have Brazilian music and dancing.

Metropulos will have Bohemian dishes on the menu.

So once you have had enough of upper State and Alameda Park, get yourself down to the Funk Zone for more festivities.


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