Caeli Tellus Unda at Wall Space Gallery

Keith Johnson | Kerry Mansfield  | Deborah Bay

Friday August 16, 2013 from 5 to 8pm


It is a great pleasure to announce wall space gallery’s summer show  

caeli tellus unda, (Heaven, Earth, Sea)

a three-person exhibition that features work by represented gallery artists Keith Johnson, Kerry Mansfield and guest artist Deborah Bay. Abstract, intangible and visceral, each image leads us each on a path to understanding our own connection to the world that surrounds us.

Keith Johnson - Chosen Place

Keith Johnson‘s newest body of work captures the spirit of Lake Kanandaiqua, the largest of upstate New York’s Finger Lakes, in his series The Chosen Place. Enchanted by the connections between the light, lake waters and immense sky Keith set out to build his own series of associations. The intersection of earth and water blur horizons and context, transcending simple photographs to surround the viewer with emotional bonds.

Deborah Bay - 9mm Glock Ball

Deborah Bay‘s series The Big Bang is an examination of power, violence and energy. In a multi-layered visual exploration of how bullets shatter bone and muscle, Bay utilized Plexiglass, clarifying impact patterns. These impacts also create fanciful versions of galaxies, each unique intergalactic ideas of what could be when art collides with science.

Mansfield - Grounded

Kerry Mansfield‘s series Grounded was born from a desire to find balance, to regain connection to the world around her. It was in the intersection at waters edge where she found peace. These beautiful, expansive images allow us to breathe in the sea air, to feel the water at our feet, and to be part of our greater universe.

For more information about any of these talented artists, the exhibition Caeli Tellus Unda, or wall space gallery, please contact us by phone at 805.637.3898 or via email.

images shown

top – Keith Johnson – dza:dak (seven)

middle – Deborah Bay 9mm Glock Ball 

lower –Kerry Mansfield No. 0459 

 116 E Yanonali Street C-1
Santa Barbara, California 93101

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