Funk Zone Arts Fest happening October 19th!!

Save the date for October 19th when the Funk Zone opens its doors to art, music &  the culinary arts.

Happening during Epicure here in Santa Barbara, we celebrate all the senses in the Zone.


We are excited to have open houses at the following locations, with more be added daily. Keep checking back as we add more venues and more happenings.

Wall Space Gallery

wall space gallery  presenting assemblage and photographs from Lori Vrba.

The gallery will host a talk with the Artist at 2pm.

The Arts Fund

The Arts Fund of Santa Barbara showcasing the work of

Rick Aber, Tony Askew, Austin Danson, Joan Rosenberg-Dent, and Peggy Ferris


MichaelKate Gallery curated by Brad Nack

Cabana Home

Cabana Home will be open to showcase work selected by Edward Cella.

Green House Studios

Green House showcases the talents of  Erika Carter, Virginia McCracken, Ashley Dart, Liz Brady

La Chambre Photographique

Lindsey Ross has created an alternative space focused on classic techniques and alternative processes in photography.


We are excited to support this year’s New Noise Festival.

New Noise Festival


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