ArchitecTours 2013 Visits the Funk Zone

ArchitecTours 2013ArchitecTours 2013 is a tour of Urban Living projects designed by local Santa Barbara architects. Projects include multi-family, single-family urban infill, mixed use, and live-work housing.

Living downtown is more than a place to live; it’s a sustainable way of life. Urban living reduces our carbon footprint, protects the environment and supports our local community, where most services and entertainment are within walking or biking distance.

If you’re interested in urban living and great design, join us on Saturday, October 5th 10am – 4pm for an eye-opening day touring twelve great Santa Barbara properties followed by a festive after-party at The Lark in the Funk Zone (also one of the projects on tour)!
To see a slideshow of the projects and purchase tickets, go to or call AIA Santa Barbara at 805. 966-4198


One response to “ArchitecTours 2013 Visits the Funk Zone

  1. Funk Zone

    FUNK ZONE 1 (125/127 Gray Ave.) was completed 13 years ago and was heralded by the S B City Council as a pioneer in what came to be known as the Funk Zone.
    This urban infill, artist loft duplex was located in an overlooked, but well-located, light-commercial zone. It was also the first new residential construction built in the area for decades, the project is located within a 10-square-block area zoned for light-commercial and affectionately dubbed the “Funk Zone” by resident artists and city planners.

    Only two blocks walking distance to the beach, and a similar distance to the downtown commercial district, this pedestrian-oriented project ideally suits the lifestyles of the owners. Although the two units share equal footprints, the southerly unit features a double-height, north-facing living space. The northerly unit supplants this volume with additional living space. The siting also allows for secure private courtyard entries, maximization of natural light and view-swept, rooftop living space.

    The design incorporates a raised plinth required by flood zone restrictions to create a peaceful, intimate environment within the somewhat chaotic surrounding context. The disciplined and restrained approach towards the building’s image was intended to make reference to the much-loved Meridian Studios by George Washington Smith. Two roof-decks with outdoor fireplaces and shade trellises extend outdoor living space, contribute ocean and mountain views and provide both refuge and release.

    Cost-effective materials were selected in order to adhere to the strict budget and to relate to the industrial surroundings. Over-sized pivot doors, “industrial” staircases and cabinetry were constructed on-site by the owners to conserve design integrity within the extremely limited budget.

    2000 AIA Santa Barbara Chapter Honor Award

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