Funk Zone Art Walk – Koplin/Levin Studio

Koplin/Levin Studio

Funk Zone Second Saturdays Artwalk, March 8, 2014, 1:00-5:00 p.m.

206 Gray Ave, Funk Zone SB

805 450-6989

206kl kl_map

The small Funk Zone studio space shared by Philip Koplin and Dan Levin is filled with examples of their overlapping but distinct approaches to art. Levin specializes in the abrupt conjunction of repurposed materials to form objects whose delight comes from their combination of visual surprise and recognition. Although Koplin also redeems old or discarded materials by incorporating them into unexpected configurations, his work often takes the form of small, constructed spaces into which one might imagine the performance of intimate dramas by unseen players. Koplin in addition works in a variety of two-dimensional media, including monotypes and drawings, in which he attends primarily to surface and texture, as well as to the gestural evocation of hazily imagined creatures of unspecifiable provenance.


(c) Philip Koplin

The environment of the studio, filled with the cultural and material remains from which the artists derive their inspiration, provides a rich context for appreciating their work.

The Koplin/Levin Studio is open to the public at whatever random times and days the artists happen to be there, as well as by appointment (always welcome: 805 450-6989) and at specific events coordinated with other Funk Zone happenings.  In particular, it will be open during each of the Second Saturday events planned for the area, the inaugural version of which is March 8.

Dan Levin - SANTA SUSANA Dan Levin / 2014 13"h x 9"w x 1.5"d misc. objects

Dan Levin / 2014
13″h x 9″w x 1.5″d
misc. objects

Keeping the FU in the Funk Zone since 2013. For more information, check this out.


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