Funk Zone Art Walk coming up June 14th!

Join us in the Funk Zone on June 14th for a summer extravaganza in the arts.

With open studios, artist receptions and art talks, this will be the place to be.

2nd Saturdays_Funk Zone_CLR.indd

Here is a list of what’s happening Saturday afternoon.

Arts Fund of Santa Barbara

The Arts Fund Teen Arts Mentorship exhibition is on the walls, and we will be having a special creative writing performance at 2.30pm.

TAM-EVITE Contrast

June 14th Parking Lot

Cabana Home

Cabana Home  announces a solo exhibition by contemporary artist and sculptor Brad Miller featuring a new selection of polished clay vessels and photographic prints.

(c) Brad Miller

(c) Brad Miller

Green House Studios

Guitar Bar

Hotel Indigo – MCASB Satellite 

2-2:30pm: Dos Pueblos H.S. student-led tours of the Vastness is Bearable, 2:30-3:30pm: “How Big, How Far” science talk with Javier Rivera, Astronomy Programs Manager at SBNHM


Desiree Holman’s “Channeling Aura 4”

Koplin/Levin Studio


Jews on the Beach; a visit to Coney Island Photographs by Philip Koplin

Philip Koplin - Two on the Beach

Two on the Beach (c) Philip Koplin

Koplin/Levin Studio 206 Gray Ave, in the Funk Zone June 13–July 12. Open at random or by appointment, 1-5 pm.  Phone 450-6989, email Opening reception, Funk Zone Second Saturday Art Walk, June 14, 1–5 pm

2. Man with hat

Man with Hat (c) Philip Koplin

When I got off the F train at Coney Island on a sunny April day a few years ago, I wasn’t expecting to take many pictures, given the likelihood that no aspect of the amusement area near where I’d grown up had gone unphotographed. Instead, I encountered hundreds of Hasidic Jews on an outing to the beach, and I ended up taking more than a few photos.

3. On the rail

On the Rail (c) Philip Koplin

Most distinctive about the Hasidim to the casual eye is their mode of dress. Although the women adopt subdued and modesty-preserving styles, the clothing worn by the men might seem more appropriate to a fanciful costume drama about 18th-century Poland, reflecting not only strong attachment to tradition, but also intentional separation from the general culture. As the photos in this show attest, this holds even for a stroll on the beach on a sunny April day. Also on view: Objects of Curiosity: Assemblages by Dan Levin

La Chambre Photographique

Open studio of authentic tin-type photographer Lindsey Ross plus a special guest exhibition Speciation: Sculpture and Installations by Ben Roth

Kai Tepper & Catherine Gee (c) Lindsey Ross

Kai Tepper & Catherine Gee (c) Lindsey Ross


Gazelle by Ben Roth

Lafond Winery

Landscape paintings by Blair Harper


Loon Point by Blair Harper

Michael Irwin/ Studio 121


MichaelKate Interiors

Table Salt Screen Printing


Santa Barbara Art Foundry & Gallery

T.A.G. Gallery at the Foundry

(c) Kamil Vojnar

(c) Kamil Vojnar

wall space gallery

Artist Reception between 2 – 4pm.

Structure: Architecture + Photography

LAndlines (c) Clay Lipsky

LAndlines (c) Clay Lipsky

wall space gallery is pleased to present a survey of contemporary architecture featuring a group of photographic artists focused on capturing in detail the monolithic structures we live with. These structures leave behind a record of community, habitat and order. Participating Artists include Randall J. Corcoran, Carl Corey, Jade Doskow, Clay Lipsky, Greer Muldowney, Loren Nelson and Jay Tyrrell.


Architectural Details (c) Randall J. Corcoran


Tuen Mun No. 3 (c) Greer Muldowney


2430 (c) Carl Corey

 Also at wall space gallery is Nancy Baron.

Her series, The Good Life is on the stairs and in the files. See an insider’s view into Palm Springs.

Nancy Baron - Backyard Morning

Nancy Baron – Backyard Morning


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