MAXINE HELFMAN @ wall space gallery


(c) Maxine Helfman – White Satin Bow, from series Fabrications

MAXINE HELFMAN: Confounding Expectations


Artist Reception – Friday September 12th, 6 to 8pm

Artist Talk – During the Funk Zone Art Walk Saturday September 13th, 2 to 3.30pm

wall space gallery is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of gallery artist Maxine Helfman. In today’s climate of changing cultural and societal shifts, expected norms and ideals are all turned on their head with this extensive body of work challenging us to expand our boundaries of understanding.

Maxine Helfman’s work reinterprets classic portraiture, traditional ideas of esthetics and substance. In a collision of the unexpected, these images require the viewer to linger a little longer, to contemplate the ideas behind the work more deeply and question our sensibilities and presumptions of beauty, of our convictions and assumptions of gender, race and class.

(c) Maxine Helfman - Anin, from series Geisha.

(c) Maxine Helfman – Anin, from series Geisha.

Showcasing four unique series, the walls will be filled with arresting images to ponder and question. Fabrication discusses gender roles and identity. Boys between the ages of 8-12 wearing dresses, in an open display of their unique connection to the frock of their choice. Historical Correction takes classic Flemish Portraits and connects us to race, class and gender. Geisha talks of expectation, of subservience, where assumptions are made, questioned and left for us to answer. Maxine’s newest series, Summertime, reminds us of the lush southern landscape through incorporated object, yet her portraits engage us in the power and grace inherent of the women who are comfortable in their skin.

(c) Maxine Helfman - Butterfly, from series Summertime

(c) Maxine Helfman – Butterfly, from series Summertime


Join us for a weekend of photography events with Maxine. Stop in Friday night September 12th for Maxine’s Artist Reception. During the Funk Zone Art Walk on Saturday September 13th, Maxine will be in the gallery for a conversation about her images, and the creativity behind them.


(c) Maxine Helfman - Lace Front, from series Historical Correction

(c) Maxine Helfman – Lace Front, from series Historical Correction

About Maxine Helfman –

Maxine Helfman is self-taught, late bloomer. After spending years as a stylist and art director, Helfman realized her vision by getting behind the camera. She has since been shooting commercially for advertising and editorial clients, while pursuing personal projects. Her work has been recognized in PX3, IPA, Foto DC, Flash Forward Boston, Critical Mass, British Journal of Photography, Photo News, as well as the permanent collection of the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and the Museum of Fine Art Houston.


About wall space gallery –

wall space gallery first opened in Seattle, Washington in 2005. Our focus is on emerging and mid career artists and expanding the ideas of what photography is as well as what it can be. Our artists are craftsman, using photography as an integral part of their work, but layering emotional stories with techniques and processes that enhance the visual experience. The gallery has gained an international reputation for finding and showcasing new artists and exposing new ideas.

Wall space opened our Santa Barbara location in 2010. The only gallery in Santa Barbara focused on the craft of Contemporary Photography taking the lead in showcasing artists who transcend the medium, looking to expand the photographic arts. In addition to our exhibition schedule, we have a series of artist lectures, studio and community events.

wall space gallery is located at 116 East Yanonali Street in the Funk Zone of Santa Barbara. Open hours: Tuesday –Saturday 11-5 and by appointment.

Contact Us.

For more information about the exhibition Confounding Expectations, Maxine Helfman, wall space gallery or any of our represented artists, please contact the gallery at 805.637.3898 or by email at


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