Bootsy Holler at wall space gallery

wall space  is thrilled to showcase Los Angeles based photographer Bootsy Holler in her first solo exhibition at the gallery, Nuclear Family.

Ruby & Willie No.24

Ruby & Willie No.24

This is Bootsy Holler’s ten-year journey to examine an intangible family history. A story of a time and place, filled with the secrets they hold. This complex web of truths and half-truths we weave is at the heart of this narrative, filled with ideas of who we are and how we fit within the confines of our own lineage.

Visiting Jane on the Columbia River, 1955

Visiting Jane on the Columbia River, 1955


At the heart of this story in three parts is Bootsy’s desire to coalesce a sense of family, to forge relationships with distant family members, understand secrets, and expose the land where they laid roots, and held private the deep secrets of ancestral lore.


Hanford Declassified - Hope

Hanford Declassified – Hope


Each chapter of this story has a unique perspective and approach to family. Ruby & Willie is a documentary vision of the objects we hold dear to keep our connection to those who have left us behind. Visitor connects past into present through re-imagined ancestral photographs. Hanford Declassified is a topographic examination of a secret landscape and its hold on the family .

Recently reviewed in the Santa Barbara Independent, Charles Donelan says of the exhibition, “For Holler, the open secret of her family’s nuclear past has set off the artistic equivalent of an atomic reaction….Although the content and style of the images in Nuclear Family vary widely across the three sections of a trilogy, all the images resonate with Holler’s intense personal yearning for resolution.”

wall space gallery is located in the Funk Zone at 116 East Yanonali Street on the 2nd floor above Pali and AVA wineries. The gallery is open Tuesday – Saturday 11-5. For more information please contact the gallery at 805.637.3898 or via email.


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