Gallerie Silo opening soon!


(c) Michael Armour – China Moon

The Funk Zone has a new artist space opening up this month. Gallerie Silo, located in the iconic grain tower at the end of Gray Street is home to artist Michael Armour. With a grand opening during the Funk Zone Art Walk on July 24th, we are excited to have another creative space here in the neighborhood.

Stop in between 5 – 7 pm on Friday night July 24th and celebrate!

Following exhibits in Connecticut, Montana, Seattle, San Francisco, New York, and, most recently, in Santa Barbara’s Patty Look Lewis Gallery, Michael Armour—award-winning writer/director of documentaries and commercials, author of two best selling children’s books and the soon-to-be-published novel “Creek”will finally be showing his work in his home town of Santa Barbara again.

Gallerie Silo, co-founded with his Swiss-American partner Chantal Wunderlich, opens its doors on Friday, July 24, in the Funk Zone, displaying the gallery’s debut collection of Michael Armour’s work. The gallery is located on the ground level of the artist’s studio, the curious tower on the corner of Mason and Gray, which used to serve as a grain silo for Santa Barbara’s now nearly forgotten Weber Bread. In fact, the rail spur still curves to the silo entrance today.

Although Michael has worked and traveled extensively, he claims his birthplace of Santa Barbara as the primary influence for his work.

(c) Michael Armour - Black Samba

(c) Michael Armour – Black Samba

“For a time, my family lived in a one bedroom house left over from the oil-boom days located on a small lane by the ocean…Our porch opened to unkempt forests and fields, high dunes, and the endless play of light and texture of the Pacific.

“Though I’ve ranged from Alaska to New York, the influence of those years spent on Padaro Lane has figured into the abstract and representational work I’ve made over the years in almost every way. It was a beautiful time for light, for space, for simplicity.”

After three years dedicated to his latest novel, Michael’s return to the canvas is a welcome reemergence into the local arts community. Gallerie Silo, standing tall in the heart of the Funk Zone, is primed to attract locals and tourists alike and is sure to become a mainstay of Santa Barbara’s thriving arts scene.


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