Jim Stoicheff at wall space gallery.


Wall space gallery has a special Open Studio event happening Friday December 11th during the Funk Zone Art walk. Santa Barbara photographer Jim Stoicheff will debut his black and white images with his lens focused to the open spaces of California.


The field of iconic landscape photographers is deep. As we look at their images we consistently re-interpret ours, reminding us of our longing to connect to that open space. To stand out among the masses is a tall order, finding nuance and unique identity creating a lasting visual memory. Approaching a harsh visceral landscape and imbuing life into it is something that connects Jim Stoicheff to the earth he photographs. The desert provides the creative duality of hard and soft scapes, of light and shadow, of texture and evolution. Stoicheff’s images are graphic, full of rich contrast, dense blacks and stark whites.


Jim’s method involves mentally deconstructing a subject by stripping away less essential elements or dividing it into parts, at least temporarily, and then examining what remains from different perspectives. His creative process incorporates that, but permits him to work the other direction, making something from the results of that deconstruction and analysis, with the intention that the image reveals something beautiful or unique in the sense of discovery.


About Jim Stiocheff

Jim Stoicheff, based in Santa Barbara is a renaissance man of many talents. With majors in Theology and Religious Studies, MFA in Creative Writing, past position as an attorney and now a creative life in photography, Jim embraces all that life has to give.

wall space gallery is located at 116 East Yanonali Street in the Funk Zone of Santa Barbara. Open hours: Wed-Sat 11-5, Sun 12-5, and by appointment.

For more information about wall space gallery and Jim Stoicheff or to see a portfolio of works please contact the gallery at 805.637.3898, via email at gallery@wall-spacegallery.com or contact Gallery Director Crista Dix directly at crista@wall-spacegallery.com.


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