GraySpace Gallery at the Art Walk Feb. 5th

Be sure to check out GraySpace Gallery’s show Abstractions: 2 Woman Artists this Friday the 5th at the Art Walk.
 A little bit about the show…
Peggy Ferris abstract art mixed bag: Recent Abstractions on Yupo paper mixed bag- is about peering into the psychic satchel of our souls and seeing what is there. What we are carrying around with us in the form of things, thoughts, impulses…. hopes, dreams and wishes. Much of what we find is random. Passing thoughts, things fixated on for a moment or two, perhaps a passing fancy. (Mixed bag is the unwilled ongoing slideshow of objects and emotions that moves us forward on a subconscious path towards some since of meaning, completion, fulfillment, or actualization. Sometimes cluttered, sometimes sparse, some of the contents are major players, while others just have bit parts.) Dahlia Riley: Abstract Art to Dahlia is the pure expression of color and form, much like a musical melody you can hear and hum with no words- just tones and rhythm. It is not meant to describe a scene, a thing, a thought or a message. It simply plays color and rhythm in a visual melody that words cannot describe.
We hope you can join us at GraySpace Gallery from 5-8pm this coming Friday, February 5th as part of the Art Walk celebration!

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