Be mine Valentine!

The artists of the Funk Zone are around and excited to help you procure the perfect gift for your valentine. Get down into the neighborhood, celebrate and buy art from talented artists. Visit and support

The Santa Barbara Arts Fund is showcasing eight local artists from Carpenteria.

Sean Anderson - Violet Basics


wall space gallery has Carl Corey on the walls, and you can always give the gift of long lasting flowers by gallery artist Ryuijie.

Carl Corey - Americaville 4379

Carl CoreyAmericaville 4379


Ryuijie - CIF 25

RyuijieCIF 25

Mason Street Studios houses three artists Philip Koplin, Lisa Pedersen & Jill Sattler.

(c) Lisa Pedersen

(c) Lisa Pedersen

Gallerie Silo has the work of painter Michael Armour & photographer Stephen DePinto.

(c) Michael Armour--Amity (48x60)

MichaelKate Interiors & Gallery has Click: The photography of Miguel Fairbanks, Letitia Haynes, Sol Hill, Stephen Robeck.

from Click at MichaelKate

from Click at MichaelKate Interiors & Gallery

Grayspace Gallery is showcasing the work of Peggy Ferris & Dahlia Riley

(c) Peggy Ferris


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