About the Funk Zone Blog

The Funk Zone is Santa Barbara’s unique arts, business, and industrial district that resides between State St. and Garden St., and Montecito St. to Cabrillo Blvd.   This amalgamation of historical marine structures, industrial lots, and old houses gives the zone it’s face, while it’s occupants that reside and work there give it the soul, supporting a mixture of creative uses.

This site is meant to facilitate a public dialog over the current and future direction of Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone.

It is the public posting board for all things relating to the direction, art, zoning, development, preservation, public outreach and organization of Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone.  You can start a dialog by writing a comment stating how your interested and a concise paragraph defining the Zone’s future as you see it.





9 responses to “About the Funk Zone Blog

  1. Hello,
    My name is Ty I am a young fine artist and would like to get ahold of laura inks so I can participate in painting the funk zone panels. If someone can help me contact her I would be delighted. Thank you.


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    • Hi Norah,

      Thanks for the comment. To participate as an artist, first you would need to have a studio in the Funk Zone. If you have that, let me know and I’ll get you in touch with the organizers.



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