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  3. Hi Nathan, our old name/website are still listed under business listing. Please change it to the following info: Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara (MCASB) and our website is

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  5. Hello there! My name is Patricia, I work at the West Beach Inn and I just came across a brochure for the funk zone…where can I get more of those for my guests? Thanks! Patricia Prada, West Beach inn, 805-963-4277

    • Hello Patricia,

      Please contact Crista Dix at Wall Space Gallery. She is in charge of distributing the brochures. (805) 637-3898

      Thanks for contacting us.


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    • Hi Doreen, you can reach out to Crista Dix at wall space gallery for more information about Funk Zone happenings. call the gallery at 805.637.3898 or email (at) wall-spacegallery (dot) com

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  11. I notice LOVEWORN or our gallery isn’t on your new leaflet handed out all over . Did everyone pay to be on it ? I don’t think we were even asked to be involved and we are a Huge part of the Artisan movement here in the Funk Zone . What can we do in the future ?


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